Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wolf Family Cemetery is found near the old McPhearson community

The Wolf Family Cemetery is located in a field on private property belonging to the Freeman family in the old McPhearson community.  Access is by permission of the property owner only and can be made from Baxter CR 124 or CR 125.  There is visual evidence of several graves here marked only with field stones.  The Wolf family history places at least six members of the Wolf family as being buried here, possibly more.  The location of the family home stood about 100 yards North of the field cemetery. 

I was escorted to the cemetery in January, 2012 by Annamae Freeman, who also provided some information concerning the cemetery. 

The Wolf Family Cemetery is found here in this field.

One of the grave sites at the Wolf Family Cemetery.

Annamae Freeman stands at the cemetery boundary.
The location of where the Wolf family house once
stood can be seen in the background by the two large trees.

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