Friday, July 22, 2011

Mountain Home Cemetery is behind Guy Berry School

The large Mountain Home Cemetery is located to the South of the Guy Berry School in Mountain Home (11th Street) between South Main Street and South Church Street. The cemetery dates from 1874, when the first acre of land was deeded for the cemetery by Mrs. Catherine Casey Paul.  The first Sheriff of Baxter County to be killed in the line of duty, Sheriff A. G. Byler, is buried in this cemetery. The cemetery is maintained by the Mountain Home Cemetery Association, Inc.

Entrance to the Mountain Home Cemetery

Some of the gravesites at
Mountain Home Cemetery

Another view of the Mountain Home Cemetery

The Norfork Cemetery is behind City Hall near the railroad tracks

The large Norfork Cemetery is located behind the City Hall and Senior Center in Norfork, between Highway 5 and the railroad tracks. The earliest marked grave dates from 1912. The cemetery is active, and it is well maintained and cared for. Prior to the establishment of the Norfork Cemetery, the Old Trevina Cemetery, of which little trace now remains, served many citizens from the Norfork area.

Sign and arch for Norfork Cemetery

Driveway through Norfork Cemetery

Norfork Cemetery overview

Another view of Norfork Cemetery

Henderson Family Cemetery is next to Henderson Post Office

This small family cemetery was established in November, 2004 when the Baxter County government issued a permit to allow for cremated remains to be buried in this location. Two members of the Henderson family whose cremains had been interred at the Mountain Home Cemetery were moved to this location, with the cremains of a third member of the family being interred here after he passed. There is a black granite memorial erected in the cemetery. The cemetery is located immediately adjacent to the Henderson Post Office on U. S. Highway 62/412, about 13-14 miles East of Mountain Home.

The Henderson Family Cemetery

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wolf Cemetery believed to be one of the oldest in the area

The Wolf Cemetery has also been known as the Chastain Cemetery, the Pleasant Run Cemetery, and the Herron Cemetery in past times. This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Northwest Arkansas. Sources indicate that the oldest original marker is the grave of Maldred Wolf dating from 1823. The Wolf and Adams families were pioneers who settled this area around 1820.  Sources also report that the cemetery contains the grave of a Revolutionary War veteran, two War of 1812 veterans, and several Civil War Conferderate veterans. The cemetery is reached by traveling South on State Highway 5 from Norfork, Arkansas to the intersection of Baxter CR 68 (Dwelle Rd.) Follow CR 68 about 3 miles to the railroad tracks. The cemetery is found just across the tracks to the right. There is no direct access by motor vehicle. You can walk down the railroad tracks a short distance to the cemetery. It is believed that additional graves may located on the opposite side of the railroad tracks that were separated from the cemetery proper when the tracks were laid. There are about 65-70 unidentified graves marked only with field stones.

The Wolf Cemetery has been nominated for the National Register of Historic Places.  It is one of nine nominations being considered by the National Register Board as of November, 2012. 

Wolf Cemetery to the left beside the
railroad tracks

Gravesites at Wolf Cemetery

Another view of the many gravesites
at Wolf Cemetery

The Walker Cemetery is located on Baxter CR 27, North of Mountain Home

Walker Cemetery is located on Baxter CR 27 (Walker Road) about three miles North of Mountain Home. Take State Highway 5 North from Mountain Home. At the Mountain Home City Limits, turn right on Baxter CR 27. Go about 1/2 mile to the intersection of Baxter CR 26. CR 27 will turn sharply to the right. Take this turn and continue about 2 1/2 miles and Walker Cemetery will be on the right. It clearly identified with a cemetery arch. This cemetery dates from the late 1800's, with many burials occurring through the 1960's. The cemetery may no longer be active, but it is well cared for and maintained.

Sign, gate, and arch for Walker Cemetery

Looking toward the cemetery from the gate

An overview of Walker Cemetery

Another view of gravesites at Walker Cemetery

Lawson Orchard Cemetery is beside the Hopewell Hollow Road

The Lawson Orchard Cemetery is located on the South side of Hopewell Hollow Road about two miles East of the intersection of Jordan Road, just before the road turns sharply to the left. The gravesites of two small children are located here. The property is currently owned by Roger Pitchford, and the old "Davis" homestead is near the gravesites. They have no headstones, and you can only locate them in the Spring of the year, as the gravesites are outlined by jonquils that were planted to mark the graves. The graves are for Elijah Lawson, who died in 1905 and Infant Daughter Lawson, who died in 1910.  Small concrete slabs have also been placed in the ground to mark the locations of the graves.

I was escorted here in the Spring, 2011 and shown these gravesites by Linda Bradbury and her husband.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quality Ridge Cemetery on State Hwy 201 N formerly called "New" Trivitt Cemetery

The Quality Ridge Cemetery is located on State Highway 201 North, approximately 4 miles North of Mountain Home, at the intersection of Baxter CR 483. The cemetery was established when the Trivitt Cemetery, Cockrums Cemetery No. 2, Tripp Cemetery, and Geans Cemetery were relocated from the lake basin when Norfork Dam was built in the 1940's. The United States Army Corp of Engineers named it the "New Trivitt Cemetery", but sometime later it became known as the Quality Ridge Cemetery. There are many unmarked graves with no dates. This is still an active cemetery, and it is well cared for and maintained.  There is no fence, and I did not see a sign for the cemetery either.

An overview of Quality Ridge Cemetery

Another view of Quality Ridge Cemetery

Photo showing a driveway at
Quality Ridge Cemetery

Map of original Trivitt and Cockrums No. 2 Cemeteries

Map of the Tripp and Geans Cemeteries,
among others

Photo of original Tripp Cemetery,
photo from Baxter Co. Library

Photo of "New" Trivitt Cemetery after
re-location, now called Quality Ridge Cemetery,
photo from Baxter Co. Library

Oakland Cemetery relocated to State Hwy 5 North during construction of Bull Shoals Dam

The Oakland Cemetery is located on State Highway 5 North approximately 1 mile South of the Missouri State Line. This cemetery was relocated from another location in Marion County when Bull Shoals Dam was built. A sign at the cemetery indicates it was established in January, 1949.  This cemetery also includes relocated burials from the former Yocum, Hogan, and Anglin cemeteries. This is an active and well maintained cemetery, with a Board of Trustees overseeing maintenance and lot assignments.

Oakland Cemetery sign, gate, and arch
on a cold winter afternoon

A pavilion is located in the middle of the cemetery

A view of gravesites at the Oakland Cemetery

Another view of Oakland Cemetery

Map of the original Oakland Cemetery

Map of the original Hogan Cemetery

Map of original Yocham Cemetery

Map of the relocated "New" Oakland Cemetery

I was unable to find a COE map of the original Anglin Cemetery, nor do I know its original location, although both the Baxter County Cemetery Book and the sign on the pavilion at Oakland Cemetery confirm that the Anglin Cemetery was relocated here as well.

The Lower Oakland Cemetery is on Baxter CR 390, East of Mountain Home

The Lower Oakland Cemetery is located on Baxter CR 390. It can be accessed from either U. S. Highway 62 East of Mountain Home or from State Highway 178 East (Buzzard Roost Road), as CR 390 runs between those two highways. The cemetery is about half the distance between the two, and it is located on the South side of the roadway. The cemetery has about twenty graves identified by name. These date from 1889, although it is probable that there are unmarked graves from prior to that time. The cemetery, which has a sign, appears to be well cared for, maintained, and fenced.

This cemetery has also been called, and is referred to in some sources as the "Old" Oakland Cemetery.

Lower Oakland Cemetery sign and arch

Information station at Lower Oakland Cemetery

Gravesites at Lower Oakland Cemetery

East Oakland Cemetery on church grounds U S Hwy 62 E at Baxter CR 390

The East Oakland Cemetery is located just East of the U. S. Hwy 62/412 Bypass, East of Mountain Home, at the intersection of Hwy 62 E and Baxter CR 390. It is on the South side of the highway. Burials date from the late 1800's, with many burials from the first half of the 20th century. This continues to be an active cemetery, and it is well cared for, maintained, and fenced. This should not be confused with the "Oakland Cemetery" or the "Lower Oakland Cemetery", which are both located in other areas of Baxter County.

East Oakland Cemetery

Overview photo of East Oakland Cemetery

Another view of East Oakland Cemetery