Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Hand Cemetery is found in the Jordan area off State Hwy 177 South

The Hand Cemetery is located on Hand Cemetery Trail, which is off Baxter CR 64 (Jordan Landing Road) about 1/4 mile North of State Highway 177. It is South of the Norfork Dam. This cemetery was established by the United States Army Corp of Engineers during the construction of the Norfork Dam in the 1940's. ACE records refers to it as the New Hand Cemetery. It contains burials from the Kerley, Etheridge, and original Hand Cemetery. This should still be considered an active cemetery, and it receives the appropriate care and maintenance.

Hand Cemetery Trail turns left off Jordan Landing Road,
just North of State Highway 177.  The old "arrow" sign
for Hand Cemetery is almost faded away.

The gate and arch for Hand Cemetery

Hall's Chapel, adjacent to Hand Cemetery

A broad overview of Hand Cemetery,
taken from the Northwest corner

Map of the original Etheridge Cemetery

Map of the original Kerley Cemetery

Map of the original Hand Cemetery

Map of the "New" Hand Cemetery

Photo of the "New" Hand Cemetery,
after re-location, photo from Baxter Co. Library

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