Saturday, July 9, 2011

Custer-Herron Cemetery created in mid 1940's by U. S. Army Corp of Engineers

The large Custer-Herron cemetery is located about 4 miles East of Lake Norfork in the Henderson area on U. S. Highway 62 East. The cemetery will be on the right (South) side of the roadway. The cemetery was established when the Custer Cemetery and the Herron Cemetery were relocated during construction of the Norfork Dam in the 1940's, before the Lake Norfork Reservoir filled. Other cemeteries relocated to this location include the Cantrell, Cockrum, Henderson, and Lankford Cemeteries. This is an active, well maintained cemetery.

Custer-Herron Cemetery and sign

Cemetery overview photo

A view of some of the many decorated gravesites

Another view of this cemetery

Map of original Cantrell and Henderson Cemeteries

Map of original Lankford Cemetery

Map of original Herron Cemetery

Map of original Custer Cemetery

Map of the "New" Herron Cemetery, now
known as Custer-Herron Cemetery

Photo of original Herron Cemetery,
photo from Baxter Co. Library

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