Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harris Cemetery is on Baxter CR 73 in Ozark National Forest

The small Harris Cemetery is located on Baxter CR 73 (also known as Culp Rd. and Sugarloaf Rd.), just past the intersection of Baxter CR 124, which is about 3 miles East of Push Mountain Road, in the Ozark National Forest. While traveling East on CR 73, watch for the crossing at Sneeds Creek and a small trail leading off to the right. There will be a faded sign that says "Harris Graveyard" that is posted to a tree on the right. The cemetery is adjacent to CR 73 and surrounded by a chain link fence. There are a number of graves here from the Harris, Dickerson, and Young families. The cemetery appears to be well maintained. The cemetery is also referred to in some sources as the MacPhearson (McPherson)-Harris Cemetery.  However, the Baxter County Cemetery book also lists a separate "MacPhearson" cemetery in the same area with one named gravesite and seven unknown graves. The known Harris Cemetery, however, as stated has many marked, identified graves and is still active and in use. It cannot be deduced with absolute certainty, therefore, whether there is actually a separate "MacPhearson Cemetery" as the book says, or whether these two are one and the same.

Harris Cemetery sign in overgrown
fence line along Baxter CR 73

Harris Graveyard sign affixed to a tree
at the lane leading to the cemetery

Harris Cemetery overview,
surrounded by chain link fencing

Another view of Harris Cemetery

Harris Cemetery in August, 2010

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