Saturday, July 9, 2011

The large Fairview Cemetery is between Buford and Shady Grove

The Fairview Cemetery is located on Baxter CR 633, North of CR 57, between Buford and Shady Grove. This is a large, active, and well maintained cemetery dating from the mid 1870's. The Fairview Methodist Church adjoins the cemetery.

There are obituaries and other records, such as family bible records, that indicate there was an "OLD Fairview Cemetery", definitely distinguished in writings from the current one, that was said to be between 1/4 and 1/2 mile N-NW of the location of the current Fairview Cemetery. It was said to be near a spring and an old homestead and was in use prior to the 1870's. That area was cleared for pasture land many years ago, and there appears now to be no visible evidence of the existence or exact prior location of the "OLD Fairview Cemetery".

Turn here at this sign, junction
Baxter CR 57 and Baxter CR 633 to
reach the Fairview Cemetery

Cemetery view with Fairview Methodist Church in the background

Another view of the many gravestones in the large cemetery

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