Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lawson Orchard Cemetery is beside the Hopewell Hollow Road

The Lawson Orchard Cemetery is located on the South side of Hopewell Hollow Road about two miles East of the intersection of Jordan Road, just before the road turns sharply to the left. The gravesites of two small children are located here. The property is currently owned by Roger Pitchford, and the old "Davis" homestead is near the gravesites. They have no headstones, and you can only locate them in the Spring of the year, as the gravesites are outlined by jonquils that were planted to mark the graves. The graves are for Elijah Lawson, who died in 1905 and Infant Daughter Lawson, who died in 1910.  Small concrete slabs have also been placed in the ground to mark the locations of the graves.

I was escorted here in the Spring, 2011 and shown these gravesites by Linda Bradbury and her husband.

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