Friday, July 1, 2011

Oak Grove Cemetery is in Heritage Estates area

The Oak Grove Cemetry is located South of Mountain Home near the intersection of Ironsides Drive and North Battlefield Drive. To access the cemetery, take State Highway 5 South of Mountain Home about 3 miles to the intersection of Baxter CR 69. Turn right on CR 69, go one block, then turn right (West) on Baxter CR 55, which is also known as Old Military Road. Take CR 55 West to the intersection of North Battlefield Drive. Turn right (North) and travel to the intersection of Ironsides Drive, and the cemetery is located here. The old Oak Grove Baptist Church is located adjacent to the cemetery. The cemetery dates from the mid 1800's, and there is an old fence surrounding it and a sign affixed to the fence. It appears to be inactive as of 2010, but it is being mowed and maintained by members of the Willett family.

                                          The Oak Grove Cemetery and old church

                                           The Oak Grove Cemetery

                                         Another view of gravesites at Oak Grove Cemetery

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