Saturday, June 11, 2011

Curtis Cemetery is on Flatwoods Road in Ozark National Forest

The Curtis Cemetery lies off Push Mountain Road between Baxter CR 73 and Baxter CR 74 in the Ozark National Forest. When traveling South on Push Mountain Road from CR 73, the cemetery will be on the left on a narrow dirt road called Flatwoods Rd, which is also considered part of Baxter CR 128. There are signs along the highway marking the turn to the cemetery. The cemetery is found about 1/4 mile off Push Mountain Road. The cemetery seems to date from the late 1800's. There are numerous gravesites marked only as "Unknown", and about 20-25 graves identified by name with markers. The cemetery was originally known as the Curtis Cemetery, then later took the name Acklin Cemetery because several members of the Acklin family lived in the area and used the cemetery. Now it seems to have reverted back to the original name of Curtis Cemetery, however one roadway sign identifies it as Curtis-Acklin. The cemetery is maintained by a group of people who have an interest in its preservation.

                                         Signs identifying entrance to Curtis Cemetery off
                                         Push Mountain Road

                                         Flatwoods Rd (CR 128) from the cemetery

                                          An overview of Curtis Cemetery

                                         A bench placed at the cemetery entrance

                                         Graves at the front (newer) section of the cemetery

One of the Cairns

                                          A photo of the large section of "unknowns"

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Lone Rock Cemetery is just off Push Mountain Road

The Lone Rock Cemetery is located on Lone Rock Drive off Push Mountain Road in the Lone Rock Community. Take Push Mountain Road South from the White River/Norfork area about 6 miles. Lone Rock Drive will intersect on the left (East) side of the roadway. It is a dirt road. Follow Lone Rock Drive about a mile and the cemetery will be on the right, a short distance off the road. The earliest known burial is from the year 1900, but earlier unmarked graves are probable. This continues to be an active cemetery, but care and maintenance seemed to be lacking on my last visit there.

                                          The sign for the Lone Rock Cemetery

Lone Rock Cemetery sign after being

                                         One of the gravesites at Lone Rock Cemetery

                                          A broad view of the cemetery on a rainy morning

                                         Another view showing upkeep was apparently lacking

NOTE:  This cemetery was mowed and weed-eated by Baxter County Jail Inmates on October 5, 2011.

Burnt School House Cemetery is in vicinity of Lone Rock

The Burnt School House Cemetery is located on Baxter CR 112 off Push Mountain Road in the Lone Rock Community. Take Push Mountain Road South from the White River near Norfork about 7 miles. Baxter CR 112 will intersect on the right (West) side of the roadway. It is marked with roadway signs and also the Burnt School House Cemetery sign. Follow CR 112 about 1 mile and the cemetery will be on the left. This is a medium sized, active cemetery that is well cared for and maintained. Burials date from the late 1800's, if not before.

                                         The Burnt School House Cemetery

                                         A roadside view of the cemetery

Bentley Ridge Cemetery is on Baxter CR 37 in Clarkridge

The Bentley Ridge Cemetery is located in Northern Baxter County at the intersection of Baxter CR 37 and Baxter CR 470, about 3 1/2 miles East of State Higway 201 North in the Clarkridge Area. The cemetery dates from approximately 1900, or maybe before. There is an arch denoting the location and name of the cemetery. This is an active, well maintained cemetery. It is currently cared for by members of the Trivitt family.

Note:  In her book about the history of Baxter County, Mary Ann Messick speaks of a "Bentley Family Cemetery", but no location is given.  I do not know if this Bentley Ridge Cemetery is the same one she wrote about or not.

                                          Bentley Ridge Cemetery sign.

                                          The pavilion found on the grounds of the cemetery.

                                         Another view of Bentley Ridge Cemetery

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Beuhler Springs Cemetery sits in a fork in the roadway on Baxter CR 123

The single grave Beuhler Springs Cemetery is located on Baxter CR 123, North of CR 73 (Culp Road). Take CR 123 North to the first fork in the roadway (actually an old logging trail to the left and not a bona fide road). The single grave cemetery is located in the fork of the road. The grave is that of Joseph W. Garten, a former landowner who died in 1912 and was buried on the property. The grave, covered by flat rocks, is identified with a small concrete marker with a metal plate on top with the name and dates engraved thereon. The marker was placed at the gravesite many decades after Mr. Garten was buried. It was easily missed unless you know where to look for it. 

The cemetery was re-cleared of brush, briars, weeds, and general overgrowth on July 9, 2012, and a new sign was also placed to mark the location of the cemetery.

                                         The cemetery is in the fork in the roadway shown here

                                         The headstone of Joseph W. Garten

                                         The cemetery as seen in the Fall of the year

Baxter County Jail inmates have cleared the
small cemetery and are preparing to place a new sign

The new sign for Beuhler Spring Cemetery was
placed on July 9, 2012

The only known grave site in the Beuhler Spring Cemetery

Athens Cemetery is near Bennett's Bayou off Baxter CR 46

The Athens Cemetery can be accessed from Baxter CR 46, just North of the "Bennett's Bayou" backwater area of Norfork Lake. From Mountain Home, take U. S. Highway 62/412 East, across Norfork Lake and through Henderson, to the intersection of Baxter CR 46. Turn left (North) on CR 46 and follow it several miles until crossing over the Bennett's Bayou Bridge. Just across the bridge on the right, you will see the Athens Cemetery "arrow" sign pointing to the direction of the cemetery. This was also called Killridge Trail, but I believe the sign now says Athens Ln. Follow this narrow dirt road to the end, bearing to the right. The cemetery is at the end of the dirt road adjoining an Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Wildlife Management Area.

A new cemetery sign was made by the
Sheriff's Office and placed at Old Athens Cemetery
on March 28, 2012.  Pictured are
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Clinkingbeard.

This cemetery dates from the mid 1800's or earlier. It is no longer active, but not abandoned either. It appears to be mowed and semi-maintained on an irregular basis, probably by surviving family. The last burial probably occurred in the 1940's.  The fence line was cleaned up and some brush and downed limbs were piled and burned in the Winter of 2011 by jail inmates at request of some of the family members.

                                         Sign pointing the way to the Old Athens Cemetery

                                          A view of Athens Cemetery in the Fall of 2009

                                         Athens Cemetery as it appeared in the Winter of 2011