Saturday, June 11, 2011

Curtis Cemetery is on Flatwoods Road in Ozark National Forest

The Curtis Cemetery lies off Push Mountain Road between Baxter CR 73 and Baxter CR 74 in the Ozark National Forest. When traveling South on Push Mountain Road from CR 73, the cemetery will be on the left on a narrow dirt road called Flatwoods Rd, which is also considered part of Baxter CR 128. There are signs along the highway marking the turn to the cemetery. The cemetery is found about 1/4 mile off Push Mountain Road. The cemetery seems to date from the late 1800's. There are numerous gravesites marked only as "Unknown", and about 20-25 graves identified by name with markers. The cemetery was originally known as the Curtis Cemetery, then later took the name Acklin Cemetery because several members of the Acklin family lived in the area and used the cemetery. Now it seems to have reverted back to the original name of Curtis Cemetery, however one roadway sign identifies it as Curtis-Acklin. The cemetery is maintained by a group of people who have an interest in its preservation.

                                         Signs identifying entrance to Curtis Cemetery off
                                         Push Mountain Road

                                         Flatwoods Rd (CR 128) from the cemetery

                                          An overview of Curtis Cemetery

                                         A bench placed at the cemetery entrance

                                         Graves at the front (newer) section of the cemetery

One of the Cairns

                                          A photo of the large section of "unknowns"

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