Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bentley Ridge Cemetery is on Baxter CR 37 in Clarkridge

The Bentley Ridge Cemetery is located in Northern Baxter County at the intersection of Baxter CR 37 and Baxter CR 470, about 3 1/2 miles East of State Higway 201 North in the Clarkridge Area. The cemetery dates from approximately 1900, or maybe before. There is an arch denoting the location and name of the cemetery. This is an active, well maintained cemetery. It is currently cared for by members of the Trivitt family.

Note:  In her book about the history of Baxter County, Mary Ann Messick speaks of a "Bentley Family Cemetery", but no location is given.  I do not know if this Bentley Ridge Cemetery is the same one she wrote about or not.

                                          Bentley Ridge Cemetery sign.

                                          The pavilion found on the grounds of the cemetery.

                                         Another view of Bentley Ridge Cemetery

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