Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maynard Cemetery was relocated to intersection of State Hwy 101 and Baxter CR 806 in the 1940's

This cemetery is referred to alternately as the Maynard Cemetery and the Maynard Bend Cemetery (as currently signed). It is located on State Highway 101 North in the Gamaliel area, at the intersection of Baxter CR 806. The cemetery is located on the West side of the highway, and is identified by a sign. The cemetery was moved to this location from the banks of the North Fork River when the Norfork Dam was being built in the 1940's. The Reed Cemetery was also relocated to this cemetery, as was the Cockrums Cemetery No. 1 according to the Baxter County Cemetery Book. Burials date from the late 1800's. The cemetery is infrequently used, but still considered active and well cared for.

Sign for Maynard "Bend" Cemetery,
junction State Hwy 101 N and Baxter CR 806

Entrance to the cemetery from State Hwy 101 N

The pavilion at Maynard Cemetery

An overview of a section of Maynard Cemetery

Map of the original Maynard Cemetery

Map showing original Reed Cemetery and
Cockrums Cemetery No. 1, among others

Map of the relocated "New" Maynard Cemetery

Photo of original Reed Cemetery,
photo from Baxter Co. Library

Photo of original Cockrum(s) No. 1 Cemetery,
photo from Baxter Co. Library

Photo of the "New" Maynard Cemetery,
after re-location, photo from Baxter Co. Library

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