Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Porter Family Cemetery is located in Porterfield Estates on Baxter CR 106 along the White River

The Porter Family Cemetery is located on private property on the left side of Baxter CR 106. Take State Highway 341 (Push Mountain Road) to the South from State Highway 201 near Norfork. As soon as you cross over the Dr. Z. T. Sheid Bridge across the White River, turn left on Riverview Drive. Follow Riverview Drive about 2 miles until you enter "Porterfield Estates", along the river. Shortly after entering Porterfield Estates, Baxter CR 106 will veer off to the right going toward a home and some turkey houses. The Cemetery is located on a knoll in a field on the left side of baxter CR 106.

The small cemetery is fenced on all sides. There is a large double manufactured garvestone. As of January, 2012, it seems that only one burial has taken place here, being that of Mr. Gene Porter.

The Porter Family Cemetery as seen from
Baxter CR 106.

The only burial site at the Porter Family Cemetery
as of January, 2012.

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