Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ellison Family Cemetery near Missouri state line on Baxter CR 467

I was recently told of a small family cemetery located in the general Clarkridge area on Baxter CR 467 near the Missouri state line.  There are at least four members of the Ellison family buried in this cemetery, so it would appropriately be called the Ellison Family Cemetery.  Each burial site is marked with an inscribed gravestone.  The cemetery appears to date from the early 1920s, or possibly before.  It is surrounded by fencing.

To locate the cemetery take State Highway 201 North from Mountain Home to Baxter CR 37, which will be on the right just before reaching the Missouri state line.  Take Baxter CR 37 to the East about 3 miles until you come to Baxter CR 467.  Turn left on CR 467 and go for about a mile.  The cemetery is in a field about 200 yards off the roadway on the right, but is not usually visible from the roadway. 

This information was supplied by Karen Lewis.

The Ellison Family Cemetery as seen from the
fence line on Baxter CR 467.  The fence surrounding
the cemetery can be seen at the crest of this hill in
this wooded area when there is no foliage.

Photo courtesy of Karen Lewis

Photo courtesy of Karen Lewis

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