Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dover Family Cemetery is off Baxter CR 483

     The Dover Family Cemetery is near Baxter CR 483 off from State Highway 201 North of Mountain Home.  Take CR 483 left from Hwy 201 N for less than a mile.  A short distance before you come to the creek crossing at the bottom of the hill there will be a private driveway on the right side of CR 483 that leads up the hill to a house.  This private driveway and surrounding property belongs to a Mr. Sanchez.  If you take his driveway, in a short distance you will see on your left the concrete foundation where the house for the Dover family homestead once stood.  Just across the ditch line behind this foundation, in the middle of the field, you will see a small mounding of stones, with one that is standing upright.  This is the location of the Dover Family Cemetery. 

     I was escorted to this cemetery on January 7, 2012 by Mr. A. W. Dover.  He relayed to me that his grandparents had once lived in the house until it was destroyed by fire.  According to Mr. Dover and his wife, family records indicate that there are at least seven (7) members of the Dover family buried here, perhaps more.  None of the large rocks marking the grave sites seem to have any names, dates, or inscriptions on them that are visible today.  I was told that at one time there was a stone with the name "Francis" inscribed on it.  The cemetery is believed to date from 1880.

     Those known or believed to be buried here are:

1.  Thomas L. Jefferson Dover,
      b. 1832 in TN, d. 1880 in Baxter Co, AR

2.  Lucinda (Kasinger) Dover, wife of Thomas L. J. Dover
     b. Jan, 1838 in MO, d. 1913 in Baxter Co, AR

3.  Francis Ann Elizabeth (Dover) Reed, daughter of Thoms and Lucinda
     b. 1858 in AR

4.  Alice Dover, daughter of Jesse W. and Jancy Ellen Dover
     b.  Jan 25, 1902 in Baxter Co, AR, d. July, 1902

5.  Infant son of Jesse F. and Lena Dover
     b. Jan 13, 1954, d. Jan 13, 1954

6.  Dawn Elizabeth Watson, daughter of David and Lucy (Reed) Watson
     b.  March, 1918 in MO, d. 1918 or 1919

7.  Infant son of David and Lucy (Reed) Watson
     b.  Dec, 1919, d. about June, 1920

The Dover Family Cemetery is in this field
behind the location of the foundation of the house on the
old Dover family homestead.

Several large stones mark grave sites at the
Dover Family Cemetery.

Mr. A. W. Dover standing in the
Dover Family Cemetery.

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