Thursday, August 11, 2011

Heiskill Cemetery serves the Buford Area

The Heiskill Cemetery is located about 2 miles South of Buford on State Highway 126 (also known as Buffalo Rd.). State Highway 126 will intersect with Heiskill Cemetery Lane to the left (East). There is a cemetery sign at the intersection. The cemetery sits about 1/4 mile down at the end of the private drive. The drive is gated, but the gate can be opened to drive past. The cemetery itself is fenced.  The earliest known burial is that of a child dating from 1863. The newer sections seems to be in front, while the older section is mostly toward the back of the cemetery.  The cemetery is infrequently used, but should still be considered active.  It appears to be mowed and cared for.

Sign indicating the turn for Heiskill Cemetery

The lane leading to Heiskill Cemetery,
beyond the gate

The pavilion at the entrance to Heiskill Cemetery

Overview from the NE corner of the cemetery

Some of the older graves along the North fence line

One of the above ground cairns

The gravestone of "A Soldier"

Another oveview photo of the cemetery

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