Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cockrum Cemetery is off Baxter CR 111 in the Lone Rock area

The Cockrum Cemetery, also referred to by some as the (Old) Lone Rock Cemetery, is located on private property owned by Roger Alman off Baxter CR 111 in the Lone Rock community. Take Push Mountain Road South from the White River/Norfork area about 6 miles to the intersection of CR 111, which will be on the left (East) side of the roadway. Continue on CR 111 about 3/4 mile to the Alman driveway on the left. The Alman home sits back some distance off the roadway at a slight elevation. The Cockrum Cemetery is located behind a barn on the Alman farm. This is an inactive cemetery and access is only available by permission of the property owner. There are 12 marked graves and probably several unmarked as well. The last recorded burial was in the 1920's.

NOTE: In The Baxter Bulletin cemetery article, circa 2002, it is stated that the "Old Lone Rock Cemetery" was overgrown and marked with field stones. Although Cockrum Cemetery is referred to by some as the "Old Lone Rock Cemetery", the Cockrum Cemetery actually has several inscribed headstone markers. Therefore, there may potentially be another "Old Lone Rock Cemetery" in the same general area with gravesites marked only with field stones, but that is unconfirmed.

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