Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The large Galatia Cemetery is South of Norfork on State Hwy 5

Galatia Cemetery entrance, sign, and arch

The Galatia Cemetery is a very old, large, and still active cemetery. It is located on State Highway 5 South, about 4 miles South of the City of Norfork, adjacent to the highway. According to the Baxter County Cemetery Book, the Galatia Cemetery is actually composed of four separate cemeteries (Arnold Family, Adams Family, Parnell Family, and the Public Area). The oldest marked graves are the 1854 graves of twins John R. and Sarah R. Lackey. There are also slaves from the Killian family buried in this cemetery. The historic Galatia Church building is also on the grounds, located at the SW corner. The cemetery is very well cared for and maintained.  A detailed history of this cemetery can be found online at the Arkansas Gravestones Project web site:

The Historic Galatia Church, circa 1886,
stands at the South boundary of the cemetery

The Historic Galatia Church

A view of one section of the Galatia Cemetery,
showing some of the many gravesites and gravestones

A United States Flag proudly flies at a gravesite

An example of the elaborate rock work at one
of the gravesites

Another area of Galatia Cemetery

A pavilion erected in memory of Chad Parnell

Another view of decorated gravesites at
the Galatia Cemetery

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