Thursday, August 11, 2011

Payne-Campbell Cemetery is near Baxter/Izard County line near Moccasin Creek

     An entry in the Arkansas Gravestones website states the following about Payne-Campbell Cemetery:

"This little cemetery is listed in the Izard Co. Cemetery Book, but is actually in Baxter on the Satterfield ranch, north of Moccasin Creek. There are only two stones standing but several fallen and some just stones. There are markings on some of the stones. I read the name 'Zeb' on one stone. We counted about ten markers."

     A publication of the Izard County Historical Society also indicates that Payne-Campbell is in Izard County, but it has been determined with certainty that it is in Baxter County.

     Update:  01/08/2012.  I, along with a group of several other persons, walked to the Payne-Campbell Cemetery today.  Directions to this cemetery were obtained from Mrs. Lloyd Satterfield.  The cemetery is on their ranch and access is with their permission only, although they are very friendly and accommodating in this regard.  To access the cemetery, drive State Highway 5 South from Norfork to Moccasin Creek at the Izard County line.  Turn left on Moccasin Creek Road.  Follow this road about 2 miles, crossing over three (3) very narrow bridges.  After crossing the third bridge, the road bears sharply to the right.  Begin looking for a rusted metal gate with plywood on it on the left hand side of the roadway along the fence line.  If you make it to the fourth bridge, you have gone too far. 

     Once you find this gate, find a place to pull as far off the roadway as you can and park.  You will have to walk from here.  Cross over the gate into the open field.  A creek bed will be to your left.  Follow the creek bed, bearing to the left.  At the end of the open field you will come to another small creek branch.  Cross over it, then bear to the right into another narrow open field.  Continue walking and you will cross the same creek again and start walking up a hill, bearing to the right.  This will be an old cedar glade road/trail that is clearly discernible.  Continue up the trail about 150 yards.  At the top of the hill, the land will begin to flatten or level out.  Look on your right and you should be able to see a couple of upright headstones.  This is the Payne-Campbell Cemetery. 

     There are two gravestones with discernable names and dates, or partial dates.  A third field stone has three initials carved into it that are barely visible.  There are several other upright field stones marking grave sites that have no visible markings at all.  There are many sunken places in the cemetery that are clearly grave sites but have no markers.  Several of them are in a row and are obvious. 

     The cemetery is abandoned and uncared for, but is not too terribly grown up.  The one manufactured gravestone with identifiable dates indicates a date of death of 1870.  The cemetery certainly pre-dates 1870 and may well pre-date the civil war. 

Gate along Moccasin Creek Road that you cross
to walk to the cemetery.

Upright field stones with no markings visible.

Members of our group exploring the
Payne-Campbell Cemetery.

This is the only gravestone that is fully readable
with name, dates, and inscription.

A partially readable gravestone from the
Campbell Family.

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