Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ward Family Cemetery is near the North Fork River in the Salesville area

The Headstone of Fannie Ward, died Age 25.
The gravesite of Fannie Ward is located on River Acres Dr. off State Hwy 177 in the Salesville area near the North Fork River. After turning South on River Acres Dr, the small cemetery will be on the right (West) side of the roadway less than 1/4 mile from Hwy 177. There is only one identified grave, that of Fannie Ward, died Age 25. There are at least two or three adjacent graves marked only with field stones. They may be children of Fannie Ward. Although located immediately along the roadside, the small graveyard is difficult to find when there is full foliage. The Salesville Street Department has placed a white PVC pipe along the roadside where the cemetery is located, however this may only be a temporary indicator.

These gravesites are listed in the Baxter County Cemetery Book, "Of Grave Importance", as being across the county road from the "Old Conelly Cemetery" and actually a part of that cemetery. However they are identified separately in other source materials, and I have found no evidence of any other part of the "Old Conelly Cemetery" on the opposite side of the county road.

A sign was placed in August, 2012 for
the Ward Family Cemetery.

                                          The small Ward Family Cemetery with
                                          River Acres Dr. in the background

The tiny Ward Family Cemetery seen from
River Acres Drive

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