Monday, May 23, 2011

The small Horn Cemetery lies just off the Old Military Road

The Horn Cemetery is located at the end of Penrose Ln. off Baxter CR 55 (Old Military Road). This is a small, very old, and sometimes neglected cemetery. At one time, its name may not have been known because it was only identified in the Baxter County Cemetery Book as the cemetery on the old Gene Wells farm. There are a few graves that are identified with old head stones that are now badly eroded and faded away. These are from the Alan, Hudson, Jones, and Thompson families. There are also some above ground cairns and other graves marked only with field stones. Larry and Joyce Havner donated and erected a very nice "Horn Cemetery" sign and someone placed a bench at the cemetery.  I understand that Joanne Beard has also been involved in cleaning up this cemetery at some point in the past.  It has now been cleaned up by county jail inmates and is being kept regularly weed-eated. When properly cleaned up, it is a very peaceful setting in a small grove of shade trees.  The burials date from the mid 1800's.

                                         Horn Cemetery as it appeared in the summer of 2009

                                         One of the graves at the Horn Cemetery

                                         Burial sites at the Horn Cemetery

                                         Clean up effort underway in winter, 2010

                                         Another view of clean up work

                                        A partial view after clean up completed

                                         The Horn Cemetery in May, 2011

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