Friday, May 27, 2011

Sale Family Cemetery is the resting place of the founders of Salesville

The small Sale Family Cemetery is located at the edge of the wood line, across a field to the South of Schwartz Rd/Deer Path Ln in Salesville. There is no direct access by vehicle. You have to park and walk across the overgrown field to the edge of the woods. The cemetery contains only 4 or 5 graves.  According to the Baxter County Cemetery Book, the graves include those of "Uncle Johnny" and "Aunt Peggy", the founders of Salesville. The cemetery is identified by a sign that is posted to a tree. The sign can be seen from the roadway if you are watching carefully, but it is very easily missed.  The approximate coordinates are:   92.27600W, 36.23917N.

                                           The Sale Family Cemetery is in the wood line

                                           Sign for the Sale Family Cemetery

                                          Graves at the Sale Family Cemetery

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