Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Lucy Martin Cemetery is found in the Norfork area

On the South side of the Dr. Z. T. Sheid Bridge over the White River in Norfork, just after you start to go up the hill on Push Mountain Road, is found the Lucy Martin Cemetery on Baxter CR 1133.  The cemetery is immediately adjacent to CR 1133 on the right hand side, only a very short distance off PMR.  The colors of the rocks and stones in the cemetery blend in with the leaves and the surrounding woods in the Fall and Winter, making the cemetery somewhat difficult to quickly find when everything is brown, unless you know exactly where it is.  There is no cemetery sign at this time.

Buried here in a rock covered grave is Lucy Gaither Martin (1877-1911).  There is a headstone for the grave with worn and eroded identification markings.  In addition to her grave, there are five additional, smaller gravesites covered with rocks.  There are no identification markings for them.

                                         A view of the Lucy Martin Cemetery

                                         The grave of Lucy Gaither Martin

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