Monday, May 30, 2011

An old cemetery some call the "Norman-Rorie Cemetery" lies in a field East of Big Flat

The remains of an old cemetery are located in a field on private property off Baxter CR 116 in the Big Flat area. The cemetery is referred to in one source as the "Norman-Rorie Cemetery", but is not listed by that name in any other known sources or references. It is not mentioned at all in the Baxter County Cemetery Book.  Access to the cemetery is limited to walking West off CR 116 from a metal gate, down a tree line for about 100 yards, then South over a fence into another field. The cemetery is abandoned, grown up, and uncared for. There are a couple of upright field stones barely visible through the brush, but little evidence of it remains. There is a barbed-wire fence (apx 40 ft x 40 ft) surrounding the cemetery, with a gate on the South side. Several local area residents have been asked for history or background on this cemetery. A few of them were familiar with its existence, but only one could offer any information about it.   A gentleman who owns the adjoining property told me that the cemetery dates from the Civil War era. He says there are about 12 to 15 graves there, including members of the Rorie family.

Note:  In August, 2011 a Mr. Kenneth Rorie confirmed there are several members of the Rorie family buried here, as well as members of the Norman family who married into the Rorie family.  The cemetery is on the old Rorie farm.  He says there is only one marked grave, and that it is for one of the Normans. 

                                         Gate at the Norman-Rorie Cemetery

                                          Looking inside the fenced area

Update:  03/13/2013.   Although this family cemetery is located in Baxter County, it is also listed in the Stone County Cemetery Book as the "Old Rorie Cemetery".  According to that publication, the following persons are known to be buried here:

Norman __________
Absalom Rorie, 1798 to 1864
Hezekiah Columbus Rorie, 1822 to 1862
Hugh Frank Rorie, Nov. 19, 1876 to 1908
Louisa A. (Ticer) Rorie, 1822 to 1822
Sarah Jane (Meador) Rorie, 1801 to 1857

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