Friday, May 20, 2011

The tiny Lee Cemetery lies abandoned in Northwest Baxter County

According to a Baxter Bulletin article circa 2002, the Lee Cemetery was said to be located inside the Baxter County line bordering Marion County at the intersection of Promise Land Road (Baxter CR 17) and the Oakland Cutoff Road. A visual survey of the cemetery in August, 2010 found it to be enclosed on three sides by an old, rusty wire fence measuring roughly 8 x 10 ft. The fence is down on the East side. The Lee Cemetery is in a small clearing at the edge of a wood line about 100 - 150 yards behind a private residence. There is only one manufactured headstone with eroded identification markings. It seems to be marking the grave of an Infant Daughter May Lee (b 1921 - d 1922). There is also at least one other grave, possibly two, that are marked with upright field stones with no inscriptions. There may be additional graves as well.  The small cemetery is abandoned and not cared for.

There is no mention of the Lee Cemetery in the Baxter County Cemetery Book, nor is it mentioned in any online cemetery reference I have seen for either Baxter County or Marion County.  The cemetery is listed on the Baxter County Tax Assessor's map.  It was established as a cemetery by William Greene Lee. 

                                           The Lee Cemetery as it appeared in August, 2010.

                                        The marker for the grave site of Infant Daughter Lee

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