Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hurst Cemetery sits on a ridge above Martin Springs Road

The Hurst Family Cemetery is found in a remote location that is accessible from Baxter CR 108 (Martin Springs Road), south of Norfork, Arkansas. Travel South on Push Mountain Road from State Highway 201 S. Cross the Sheid Bridge on White River. Continue to the top of the hill, and Baxter CR 108 will be on the left (East) side of Push Mountain Road. It is clearly marked with road signs. Take CR 108 about 3 miles. You will cross over a creek four (4) times, but may not realize it, as there are low water bridges and culverts in place at a couple of those crossings. Immediately after the fourth crossing, which is past Serenity Ln., there will be an unmarked and unnamed dirt/gravel road in poor condition that takes off to the right and goes up a steep hill. A four wheel drive vehicle with good clearance is needed to drive up this road. Even then, you may only be able to drive a certain distance and then have to continue on foot. I had read somewhere that the cemetery was right at the top of this hill. It is not. Once you reach the top of the hill, you must continue several hundred yards further to reach the cemetery. The gravel road turns into an overgrown grass/dirt trail. Keep going, even though you think you may have already passed the cemetery and not seen it. The cemetery will be plainly visible on the right in a small clearing. There are 9 graves marked by commercial headstones of the Hurst family. It is possible that there are 2 or 3 other unmarked graves in this small cemetery. The cemetery may also be accessible from Baxter CR 123 leading in from the opposite direction. Baxter CR 123 runs North from CR 73 (Culp Road), which is several miles further South on Push Mountain Road. The condition of Baxter CR 123 leading to the cemetery is not currently known (August, 2010), and it is not known if vehicular access to the Hurst Cemetery is now possible from Baxter CR 123.

                                         The Hurst Family Cemetery

                                         Example of gravestone monuments in the cemetery

                                         The poor roadway leading to the Hurst Cemetery

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