Saturday, May 14, 2011

John Nimmo Cemetery or Gravesite

The John Nimmo gravesite is located near point 6 B on Lake Norfork, less than 1/4 miles from the shore. To access the gravesite by road and by walking, take U. S. Highway 62 East from Mountain Home, across Lake Norfork, past Henderson. Turn left (North) on Baxter CR 46 (also known as Walker Rd). Go about 3 1/2 miles to the intersection of Baxter CR 231. Turn left (West) on Baxter CR 231 and go about 2 miles. A road will fork off to the right and there is a gate across it. There is a sign indicating that beyond the gate is private property owned by the Pitts family. From the gate, it is necessary to walk about 1 1/2 miles along the road/trail toward the lake. The gravesite will be about 75 yards into the woods off to the right of the trail. It is marked with a manufactured headstone that indicates this to be the burial site of John Nimmo, born July, 1856, Died December 29, 1917. The grave is somewhat sunken in. Approximate coordinates are 36 26.188'N, -92 12.686'W.

The headstone for John Nimmo

The rock cellar behind the foundations of the Nimmo house.

According to area resident Ken Grayham, Sr., John Nimmo had a homestead and farm on the river. He was also a blacksmith. The foundations of the home and the blacksmith shop are visible during times of lower lake levels, and the remains of the rock lined celler, behind the foundation of the house, is still extant and in good condition.

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