Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Old Sales Cemetery lies below the Norfork Dam on Corp of Engineers property

The Old Sales Cemetery is located in the wooded area just to the North of the Quarry Dam Site River Park below Norfork Dam, off State Highway 177 in the Salesville area. To visit it, take State Hwy 177 South at the "Y" in Salesvillle and go toward the Norfork Dam.  At the bottom of the hill, turn right into the Quarry Park.  Immediately take another right on the road leading to the back side of the campground.  Follow it all the way to the last cul-de-sac.  The cemetery is up the hill in the woods in the cleared out area.  This very old cemetery was completely abandoned for decades. It was covered with downed trees and briars. There are at least six upright field stones marking grave sites. There is also one grave site covered by a large rock (apx 3 x 7 ft), which is that of Sidney Rufus Hise (1856-1873). According to the Baxter County Cemetery Book "Of Grave Importance", the cemetery was named for the Sales family who had operated a ferry near the present dam site on the North Fork River. It is likely that there are other unmarked graves located within this cemetery. The old cemetery was finally cleared out and cleaned up by Baxter County Jail Inmates in March, 2011, with cooperation from the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers.  A new cemetery sign has been placed.

Note: Some researchers believe this cemetery and the "Old Conelly Cemetery", reported to be very nearby, are one and the same. Others believe they are not, but I have yet to find any evidence of a separate cemetery in the same wooded area.  The Fannie Ward gravesite, identified in the Baxter County Cemetery Book as being a part of and on the opposite side of the county road from the "Old Conelly Cemetery" is along the county road leading to Gene's Trout Dock and fairly nearby.  However, in the wooded area on the opposite side of the roadway there is no evidence of another cemetery that can be seen today.

                                          The Old Sales Cemetery as it appears today
                                          after being cleared and cleaned up.
                                       The Old Sales Cemetery as it appeared before clean up

                                            The gravesite of Sidney Rufus Hise, the only marked
                                            and identified grave within the Old Sales Cemetery

                                         The newly placed sign for the Old Sales Cemetery

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