Sunday, May 15, 2011

The small Dilbeck Cemetery is found off Baxter CR 9

This Dilbeck Cemetery is located on private property in the Monkey Run community now owned by the Babcock Family. When traveling West on Baxter CR 9 (aka Monkey Run Road) from State Highway 126, go almost to the intersection of Baxter CR 1, which is a dirt road that turns right and goes down the hill toward the White River. Just before this intersection, there is a private driveway to the left that leads to the Babcock home. The small cemetery is located on the right hand side of this private driveway just after it makes a left turn to head toward the house. As of May, 2010, there is only one grave marker present and standing. This has a very faint inscription that identifies the grave as that of James Edward Dilbeck, who died as a child. There are two or three piles of rocks or field stones in the immediate area that are probably marking other gravesites, as current members of the Dilbeck family have indicated that there are six or eight burials here from their family. The Baxter County Cemetery Book circa 1994 indicated that the exact location of the "Dilbeck Cemetery" was no longer known. A previous geographical description provided in the early 1970's by Baxter County Historian Mary Ann Messick in her "History of Baxter County" book gave a general description of an area that does not particularly match this location. The Dilbecks are said to have once owned a great deal of land in this area of Baxter County, and it is entirely possible that the cemetery referred to by Mary Ann Messick is another forgotten Dilbeck Family Cemetery that was in a different location.

The Babcocks' were nice enough to allow me and Linda Henryk to visit the small cemetery on their property one Saturday morning and take some photographs.

                                              The Dilbeck Cemetery as it appears today

                                                The burial site of James Edward Dilbeck

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