Friday, May 27, 2011

The Lawson Cemetery is on private property in the Hopewell Hollow community

The Lawson Cemetery is located on private property owned by Roger Pitchford. Access is by Hopewell Hollow Road (Baxter CR 65) to the East of Jordan Road in Southern Baxter County. There is a private driveway turning to the South just before you reach the intersection of Fish Pond Lane. There is no general access to the public. The cemetery is in a field quite some distance North of the private driveway.  All burials are members of the Lawson and King Families. There are only four marked graves, but family members believe that several others are also buried there. The last burial was in 1926.

Linda Bradbury and her husband were kind enough to drive me to the cemetery late one afternoon so I could visit and photograph it. 

                                          The Lawson Cemetery

                                          Another view of the cemetery

                                          Lawson Cemetery - Hopewell Hollow Community

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