Monday, May 30, 2011

Goodall Cemetery was rescued from many years of neglect

The Goodall Cemetery is located directly behind the former Countrywood Realty building (now Peglar Real Estate Group) at 1327 Highway 62 East in Mountain Home. The small cemetery is enclosed by a chain link fence. For many years it was completely overgrown and neglected, but someone  has now cleaned it up and re-set the headstones, some of which were down. According to Roger Talburt, Mr. Bob Durr from Mountain Home is the person who cleaned up this little cemetery and is caring for it.  There are at least eight (8) known burials by name in this old cemetery. The burials date from 1854 to 1890 and are from the Goodall, Duty, Foster, Richey, and Talbert families.

                                           The fence at the Goodall Cemetery before
                                            it was cleaned up.

                                           Peeking over the fence before clean up, the
                                           cemetery was an abandoned derelict.

                                           The cemetery as it appears after clean up.  All
                                           the headstones have been re-set.

                                           Goodall Cemetery overview photo, after clean up.

A new sign was made and placed on the
fence in February, 2013 by Jail Inmates at
the Baxter County Sheriff's Office.

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