Monday, May 30, 2011

Martin Springs Cemetery is in the woods in front of the Martin Springs School/Community Building

This cemetery is located on Baxter CR 108 (Martin Springs Road) off Push Mountain Road. Take CR 108 about 1 1/2 miles to the old Martin Springs School/Community Center on the left. The cemetery is located in the wooded area immediately in front of the church, slightly to the left, but cannot be seen from the church. You have to walk into the woods to see it.  The graves are of twins William E. and Hattie M. Tucker, born 1884. The graves are surrounded by a rock wall. This tiny cemetery should not be confused with the Martin Cemetery located on Push Mountain Road just South of the Sheid Bridge over the White River, which has also been called the Martin Springs Cemetery in the past.

Update:  Sometime during 2012, the wooded area around this little cemetery was somewhat cleared out.  You can now see the cemetery while driving down CR 108, and it is easier to walk up to now.

                                          The Martin Springs Cemetery - Winter 2009

                                          The headstone at Martin Springs Cemetery

The wooded area around this little cemetery
was somewhat cleared out during 2012, and the
cemetery is now visible from CR 108.

                                         The old Martin Springs School/Community Building

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