Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fanny Seawright Cemetery or Gravesite - Ozark National Forest

In the Ozark National Forest in Southern Baxter County there can be found the gravesite of Fanny B. Seawright.  To get there, take State Highway 341 (Push Mountain Road) South from Norfork for about 25 miles.  You will come to the intersection of Baxter CR 1283 (also called Rand Road and Forest Road 1118).  Follow Baxter CR 1283 to the West for almost exactly 2.7 miles.  You will come to an unmarked logging road to the left.  Park your vehicle at this intersection and walk down the logging road for about 30 yards.  The gravesite will be a short distance into the woods off to the right side of the logging road.  This is a very remote area.  There are no houses or signs of civilization in the immediate area.  The first time I looked for this gravesite I could not find it.  It cannot be seen from CR 1283 because it is too far off the roadway.

The gravesite of Fanny B. Seawright (Born 04/26/1863 - Died 03/20/1917) is found enclosed by rectangular pieces of concrete.  There is both a headstone and footstone.  Very close by are a grouping of flowers that are visible in the Spring.  I have heard that there may be a child buried there in an unmarked grave, but that is not confirmed.

                                         Fanny Seawright gravesite - Winter view

                                          Fanny Seawright gravesite - March, 2011

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