Friday, May 27, 2011

Reed's Grove Cemetery is just Northwest of Mountain Home

The Reed’s Grove Cemetery is located on Baxter CR 26 (Cannie Baker Road) Northwest of Mountain Home. Take State Highway 5 North from Mountain Home. Turn right on Baxter CR 27 (Walker Rd) by Roller Funeral Home. Follow CR 27 about 1 mile to the Baxter CR 26 intersection. CR 27 turns sharply to the right, but continue straight ahead approximately 1/2 mile further on Baxter CR 26. The small cemetery will be set back off the roadway on the right. There was no sign until recently, and it is easy to miss the dirt turn off. This must be considered an active cemetery, as there are recent burials from the Pittaway family, but the cemetery was mowed and maintained only on an irregular basis, particularly the older section.  The cemetery is now being mowed by Baxter County Jail Inmates on a regular basis.  The cemetery dates from the late 1800's. There are several members of the Reed family buried here, which is probably from where the cemetery gets its name.  On some maps it is referred to as the Baker Cemetery, and there are members from the Baker family buried here, but local sources indicate it has never been called that.

                                           Reed's Grove Cemetery had been neglected and
                                           allowed to grow up

                                          Another view of the unkempt cemetery

                                          A new sign was placed after the cemetery was
                                          cleaned up.  It is now being kept regularly mowed.

                                         Decorated graves from Memorial weekend, 2011

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